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Laurie Reed - Product Photographer - Landscaape Fine Art

I shouldn't be telling you this, but many companies lose sales because of their photography. It's true! Why? Because we are visual beings. When you recall things in your mind does text appear, or do you recall in images? We all make decisions based on what we see. Think about buying a home. Would you purchase it merely from a website with a description of the property? Or solely from a real estate agent you didn't know telling you to trust them? Of course not! You would want to see it with your own eyes, either in person, or in photographs, and make the decision whether or not it is right for you. Photography is key, we buy with our eyes!


The photography you use to sell your product says more than you imagine.  When choosing a photographer you want to be confident the images they deliver will portray your companies message. You want to rise above your competition and show potential customers that you believe in your company and your product. After all, if you don't, why should anybody else? Realize that the photographs you use…….really, truly are, the companies image.


That's where I come in. For 35 years I have been in the photography industry and have been a commercial photographer for 20 of those. I bring to the table experience, problem solving skills, and solutions. As far as style, I am a bit of a chameleon, I adapt to your environment. Regal, edgy, soft, genuine, exciting, the ambience you want to portray is what I will deliver. My images communicate quality and foster trust in your potential customers.  With all of my clients, my photography is royalty free which means when you hire me, your investment will be a library of unique images that you can continue to use in your marketing efforts for years without additional fees. Fluent working in photoshop, I personally digitally enhance my images as part of the job. The photography is delivered to you in the format necessary for your project.  I am willing to travel, and in fact, enjoy it.  My images have been published in countless websites, brochures, magazines, corporate advertising pieces, and collateral materials.  My landscape art hangs in many corporate and private collections. 


You have invested a lot in your company. Don't fool yourself into believing your photography needs aren't important. It takes knowledge, proper equipment and lighting skills to successfully create a photograph that sells product effectively. Commercial photography is not an expense, it's an investment. A cache that you can build on and use time and time again.  High quality images that are planned, well thought out and executed convey excellence, create desire in your product and build trust. Used properly they will be your best marketing and advertising tools.


Never underestimate the power of your images.


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